We immerse ourselves in the lives of people in order to discover what isn’t possible to know from the outside or from beliefs about who people are and what is valuable to them.

Application Questions

The world is reeling from a global health pandemic and a global injustice pandemic. What is your hope post-pandemics? How would you use your voice to push the world towards that vision?

What do you think the responsibility is of the media during these times? How would you use your passion for storytelling to influence the media?

How do you plan to use the VICE platform to make a positive change in the world? What about VICE makes it the best place to drive this change?

what we do

Perpetually curious about the diversity of human cultures and communities, we create and carry out non-commissioned ethnographic research inspired by our own desire for understanding. This not only generates relevant cultural insight, but deepens the insight and perspective we can bring to movers and shakers on the forefront of cultural and societal transformation, as well as our clients. Themes that we are currently exploring relate to networking, connectivity, and coworking; digital nomadism; multi-passionate entrepreneurship; productivity; and practices of transformation.

Motivated by the general lack of awareness as to what cultural anthropology is, or exactly how it can have a crucial role in tackling social or business challenges, a great deal of our energy goes towards advocating for the use of anthropology in business and society, as well as empowering other anthropologists to find ways to increase the impact of their research and strengths. We do this through writing, speaking, and advising, as well as drawing together various resources to expand the knowledge of what is out there and available to anthropologists and those who wish to know more about what anthropology has to offer.

As part of our consulting practice, we work with individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other organizations that seek to make positive change in the world—however you envision that! Our mission is centered around guiding you, as individuals and/or organizations, who are in the beginning phases of your vision, or in moments of transition and transformation, so that you can effectively reach your goals and increase your impact in people's lives. Working with us typically involves knowledge sharing and leaning on our areas of research-backed, human-centered expertise for guidance or carrying out various degrees of preliminary or full-blown qualitative research depending on the needs and questions. All projects intend to help you navigate the cultural landscape in a way that is sensitive and deeply-informed.

Luminesce is an ethnographic research and insight studio that empowers individuals and organizations to transform the way they think about themselves and others, discover new opportunities, and make decisions grounded in meaningful human and cultural insight.

Live Fieldnotes


As part of our current research on the changing nature of work, we are live fieldnoting while conducting the ethnography. "A live fieldnote is [an Instagram] post that is intended to provide an on-location and synchronous visual and textual coverage of an instance from the ethnographer’s fieldwork. Live fieldnotes demonstrate the combination of two activities that are central to ethnographic research, 1.) the ethnographer’s participation in a social world and 2.) the ethnographer’s written account of the world through her/his participation." -Tricia Wang